catfish kenny's panther pee(HOT SAUCE)

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    Ok you try this and do it right I will put a guarentee on it if you have sause lovers round it will NOT last. My uncle named it fer me so its pattened(LOL) not realey but it sounded good right? Oh and there is no real set recipee either just a couple little things you gotta do:wink:
    first I get a small- large sack of garden grow jaupinos-couple habinaros-bell -sweet & bannana pepperes ....a dash of cyanne 2-3 large cans of mater paste couple large ionions a clove of garlic lill black pepper & generous dash of cookies or seasonsalt..getcreative a lill celerey even blend it up to mush put it in a large crock pot add 6-8 cups of suger then a bout 2-4 c of viniger it is your preservitive...then from there add water to yer desired thickness cook it fo 5-6 hrs low in the CROCK POT stirring regularley here and there then put in canning jars let cool to room temp now refridgerate cant do this in small portions very well & to me a good hot sausce will have flavor with heat not burn you lips and rear ...after a week or so it will cure and be on fire :wink: itst good fom cooldown but sets up then its better It does not last round my familey I made a 15- /? jars this last time think I have three left or so ....(LOL) If I am using a oven I bring it to a biol for 5 minutes or so stirring constantly...thn let it cool.... but the pot makes it best something bout the low slow coo)k
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    Lost Wages
    Gonna have to make a batch, sounds good.

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    Beebe AR
    Kenny that looks good thanks for shareing
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    I'm gonna try it out just so I can tell people I give it to that it's panther pee! Gotta love the name... :smile2:
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    I'll have to try this one ,You know me and my hot stuff.:wink: