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    does anyone ever read catfish insider mag. I was just clancing over one. the 2005 isuee catfish quide by infisherman. it post an artical called A FUTURE FOR HUGE CATFISH. what caught my eye is where it talks of a blue cat caught in the MISSOURI RIVER in 1866. the artical states the fish wieght in at 315pds. thats a really big fish I would love to find a picture of that one. Just wondering had anyone else read or heard of the artical and whats your opion on the fish :confused2: :confused2:
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    I have read something by Mark Twain about the giant catfish in the Mississippi River. The story goes that all the food on the boat went bad so the captain stopped the boat and caught one are two fish that fed 50 people. Though I can't remember anything about the weight of the catfish those had to be monsters. By the way this was not in a book he wrote it was from an article in a newspaper.

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    I read the 06 catfish insider - i wish they would just make a monthly insider because it has great pictures, diagrams and good articles. Mark Twain is always talking about big cats and trotlines in Huck Finn. I'm sure there were some huuuge blues back then.
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    Yeah, I got the 06 catfish insider. Pretty solid information, as well as knots and pictures.
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    now that would be some thing a 300 lb blue cat:eek:oooh: