Catfish in Smith lake.

Discussion in 'LOCAL ALABAMA TALK' started by thudpucker, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. thudpucker

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    Culman AL
    There must be Cat's in that lake....somewhere!
    Who's our local member that knows something about the lake, that I could link up with.

    On the subject of these Huge cats I see in the photo's, are they good to eat as the little 1 1/2 ponders?
    Do the bigger Cats lose thier oil?
    Maybe get the Muddy taste?

    who knows the answers to these questions?

  2. paleocaver

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    Howdy Dick welcome to the Brotherhood!

    I have often wondered about Smith Lake as well, it holds huge schools of shad which are gobbled up by the famous stripers, so it stands to reason that the blues (which are roamers) are with or just below the stripers off the points and such.

    A bigger cat is just as good as the smaller ones, provided you take the time to trim all colored meat off first. Usually blues have red meat like stripe, channles have yellow meat on their backs as do some flats. If you take the time to do that to the bigger fish, they taste as good as their little brothers. After all, what don't taste good rolled in corn meal and fried up cripsy?


  3. jwasted

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    Go into rock creek and the first big marina on the right is dynamite at night for cats. Cast towards the boat launch with cutbait or live shad.