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    i found these really cool and acurate artist renderings of a blue, a channel and a bullhead. they should help with identification issues. i would like to have got them all on the same page but i don't know how. also, i found out earlier while reading my field guide to north american fish another way to tell channels from blues. the posterior end of the adipose fin( the little nub on the cats back past the dorsal) is absent in blues. it has one but not as as protruding as channels. kind of like how some people have big earlobs and some people dont hardly have any. just thought i would pass that along.

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    We already have an identification tool on the website that some may not be aware of: [Catfish/Bullhead ID.
    This may be helpful. It is sort of hidden in the BOC outdoor publications forum...might be useful to have a link in the Catfish Discussion, or General Catfishing forum as well.