Catfish Habits

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    I wanted to start a thread here in the Bama Talk due to the weather here but I guess it really all depends on water temps. I was curious and I'm sure others would find this information usefull.

    What kind of habits do the Chanel, Blue, Flat have for the 4 seasons. pre, post and spawn. Day and Night. Cold water warm water.

    I believe alot of folks out there are either mis led. Seems all the folks I talk to out here in bama are mostly bass fisherman and consider catfish to be junk fish or nasty bottom feeders and don't realize how much of a predator fish they are. So figured this would be a good topic to bring up and share even on personal experience.

    I'v allways been a night time fisher for the cats and prob all has to do with how I was raised. My ol' man allways used to take me out when I was young at night using a big float and in the shallows near some deep water, so thats what I've allways done and what I've mostly experienced.

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    i only fish for the whiskers except during white bass time 3/10--- 4/30 after then i fish only river bends from day-light til noon so dont have too much info but sure would like to hear from others fichere

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    Mike I am no expert but here my 2 cents. Lets take the blue cat in dead winter, this time of year it can usually be found down river or in lakes. They are not hanging as tight to structure as usual when feeding either. Blues can most often be found under large pods of shad almost in a pelagic state(open water). They are not going to be using up valuable energy fighting current or chasing bait fish, Blues would much rather be in a mid-depth channel letting food come to them, or loosely swimming under a large pod of shad being whacked by stripes or white bass and scooping up the freebies underneath the action.
    Everybody's got there own ideas, but thats mine for winter blues.
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    Hastings, Ne.
    Hey Mike! Great post and welcome to the BOC! Here in Nebraska the seasons ususally run during these months.

    Flathead: May-November
    Channel: June-October
    Blue: March-November after ice-out.

    these months are considered the most ideal times to catch them, even though ice- fishing has proved effective on catching catfish to. anytime you get the chance to fish is the best time to catch them!:wink: