Catfish Habits & Tips.. I know its a everyday question.

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    The question of how to catch each and every breed of catfish is asked every day, so i figured all the below would help most of you and give you a future reference to look back on as you want (ed) to learn more. This explains every detail and aspect of the catfish and their habits.

    Blue Cats range 2-90 lbs in weight they spawn in water of 69-76 degrees.. you need to use at least 20 lb. tackle and higher, most effective methods are trotline.. jugs.. angling.. and grabbling. The baits to use are crayfish, clams, skipjack, and minnows. These are what ive found to be the most productive ones.

    Channel Cats range in anywhere from 4 to over 60 lbs. , they can be found in the shallows by the dozens in 75-80 degree water while on the spawn. Again as for every species needs to have HEAVY TACKLE. Most effective methods are, fishing the bottom with chunks of fish> ex. "Mooneye".. "Skipjack".. dried chicken blood baits, and large wads of nightcrawlers. Once in a blue moon if your out targeting bass for a change you'll pick em up on spinners and jigs.

    Flathead Cats range in 30 to over 100 lbs., spend most of their life in the deep and need extremely stout tackle when targeted. These fish have caused a many of broken rods due to cheap lightweight rods. The bait selection is pretty much narrowed down to LIVE when fishing for these hardest fighting freshwater catfish. Gizzards, Skipjack, Threadfin, Mooneye, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed etc..

    With all the basics of the 3 species i'll leave you with a few more critical pointers..

    - You'll notice as the barometer drops the bite will improve significantly as done with any other fish that swims. This is the time to stop what your doing.. and get on the water.

    - Their is a "deadtime" on the bite starting from around the end of july lasting through the first of august as catfish have spawned and their metabolism is increasing to the point they wanna feed heavily once more. From midaugust on.. the bite should be decent.

    - Channels are the ones that stay shallow yearround blues tend to live most of their life in the deepest holes as do flatheads as.. they are larger and are in need of more oxygen and an abundance of baitfish.

    I hope this article has explained in vivid detail of the best methods on catching catfish. This should be a reference to all the fellow BOC brothers in the future.

    Tightlines, God Bless & may we all catch a fish of a lifetime real soon!

    BOC Member AJ
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    Hastings, Ne.
    Great post AJ!! I noticed on the bait selection, for what works in your area, is somewhat different than what works where I live. That includes anywhere you go!

    Here in Nebraska these are the most productive baits I've had experience with.

    Channel Cats- bloodbait, stinkbait, liver, shad, livebait and so on.
    Blue Cats - cutbait, including shad, drum, carp and so on.
    Flatheads - bullheads, goldfish, bluegill, shad and so on.

    understanding the best way is to match the hatch!! Right now the shad are running and I've had the best success using those for bait. Early in the year, Shad and livebait perform great on the Channels and when the water warm up, I start using Bloodbait. Ususally 60 deg. and warmer.

    Thanks AJ!