Catfish getting hip to your bait?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by ShipwreckDiver, May 31, 2007.

  1. ShipwreckDiver

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    Here's a question I've been chewing on for the past two weeks. Ever since early spring I have been hammering the channel cats in my river using large 4-6" sucker minnows. For the past two weeks though, it has been very hit and miss. I'll get a few large strikes, enough to bite the minnow in half headfirst, but they never come back for the rest. I'm wondering if these are the fish I have caught in the past and they've wised up? I never keep the cats I catch, and they get tossed back after a kiss on their nasty lips and maybe a quick picture. Anybody have any theories? They should be in full spawn mode right now I assume, so I would have guessed the fishing would be better now than even in the past so far this year. 1) Is it possible for them to be wising up, especially if I catch and release and those fish still patrol the same waters? 2) Should I change my bait, at least throw an experimental bait out as well? Any theories or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    It might be that the cats done got wise, to what u is doing. :lol:

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    I have been using 4 rigs and I use 4 different baits until I get the result I need. then I go from there and I switch out as needed and relocate alot. good luck

    CATFISHPAT New Member

    Hey Tom,I allwats take more than 1 kind of bait like Bluegills-Shad-Shrimp-Danny Kings punch bait-Cured Chk Livers-NIGHTCRAWLERS-Crawdads-Worms dug from the back yard,With a bag like this You WILL catch fish, I dont take all this everytime But anyone who has fished with me knows that Iv got the bait..................:0a26:
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    Sometimes catfish are really keyed in to eating one thing, and that's all they'll eat. Maybe ur bait is the bait of last week. lol!
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    Hey Tom,

    I find that "Natural Baits" don't get old. And what I mean by "Natural Baits" I Mean things like the things that you would find in the water that you are fishing at the time - like Bluegills, shad, minnows, cut bait & worms or anything else you could think of that would be in that River or Pond that you are fishing at the time.

    Catfish have to eat / it in there blood to hunt. :wink:

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

    Bert & "Deltalover"
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    Early this spring we were tearing channels up on chubs, now it seems that all they want is blue gill chips. The other night the livewell was full of crawdad parts, so the next night we took crawdads with us, and couldn't buy a bite. We switched to blue gill chips and did pretty good. When I clean my catch I usually do a little autopsy to see what the food of choice might be. It doesn't always work,but it can't hurt.
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    cool sounds like some good ideas! Ill have to remember those.
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    I agree that changing baits and locations may help, but do you think that they may be starting to spawn up there? That could really slow things down.
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    try some other bait that u can find in that area such as shad or bluegill. I have used crawfish in everywater around here and they seem to be a great "slowbite" bait but never do so good on rod and reel.
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    Tom, I noticed in you post you said you get "a few large strikes" then nothing else from the fish. A couple years back I got tired of the exact same thing and had to change how I fish a little. Im wondering, do you tightline fish? Cats dont like resistance and will "spit out" anything thats too hard to take, especially keeper sized fish. Try this; when you cast out give the fish about four feet of line to play with. Just let it hang there. Youll have to watch your line now instead of your pole but thats ok, youll have more time to react to a bite, the line will steadily go out, and youll also find that youll get the hook set better. I sure dont know everything about catfishing but I do know that since I started fishing this way Ive caught alot more fish! Give it a try and let me know how this works out for you. Good luck, Tom!