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I copied this from a site i found.

how to tell the difference between male bluecat and female bluecat and it's easy to tell. Some look at these characteristics as a different species calling them Mississippi Whites and there is no such thing. When trying to identify the differences in male and females they have very distinct differences and I'll show you how to tell the difference between the two. I've taken enough of these fish apart to know the difference at a glance as to whether they're male or female so I'll try to describe the differences to you.

First off the males once they get up to about ten pounds will have a distinct humped back or shoulders is what some people call them and they also have a rounded head or more muscular head than the females. The Female Bluecat is more of a streamlined fish with straight gill plates and not muscular looking at all. It doesn't matter how big a female gets either. They'll never get the humps on their backs between the dorsal fin and the head on both sides like the males have. Here is a classic looking male bluecat with the bulges in front of the dorsal on both sides.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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