Catfish from the shore

Discussion in 'MARYLAND RIVER TALK' started by edmboarder, Jul 21, 2009.

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    I am shipping out next week to Basica training for the US Coast Guard. And the week before i go in ive trying to catch the species of fish i havnt spent much time targeting, catfish.

    Im not looking for monster just to catch a few. looking for a spot on the potomac between poolsville to Williamsport to give a try from the shore. Any adviceon locations, bait, and rigs would be much appreciated.

    Tonight I am headed to around dam # 4 and will be using chicken liver. Will post on how i do.
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    Waynesboro Pa.
    I fish all threw that area regulary from the bank.....try at williamsport fish from anywhere from the point to the left side of the bridge that goes too west virginia.....I've been using cut and live bluegill there....getting into some fish......I use a no roll 3 ounce sinker with a bead and a steel or 30 pound shock leader...running 25 pound test.......but you can get by with what ever....I've put a bait rod out and had to fight some in on it with 4 pound test.....hope this helps....I should be at williamsport tomorrow night.....or at dam 5 me and maybe we can hook up....if not good luck fishing and good luck over there....Ken