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    Does anyone have a catfish fishery. I am thinking about starting one up but would love some advice as to how you do it and how you started and what are the pros and cons of having one
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    Well, I have a channel cat fishery going. I dont look after it or do anything with it other then throw a ham bone out there or some old loaves of bread.

    I bought 100 fingerling channels in 1996. When I got them they were too small to dump into the ponds so I threw them in one of the waterholes I have intending to make a brood pond out of it and stock other ponds out of it.

    Well hurricane Fran hit September of that same year and devastated the area.
    We were without power for over a week and there was so much green foliage in the water it's decaying process was robbing the water of oxygen. I had alot of fingerlings swimming around on top gasping for air.
    I didnt have time and it wasnt a priority to help them as just getting a bag of ice for the house in the sweltering temperatures was a 1/2 day job.

    Fast dorward a couple of years and I saw two 2 pounders in the shallows. I could almost hand feed them hot dogs and then they were gone. several more years knowing they were still there but seeing no action I threw some bread out on a whim. I was surprised when a "ball" of fingerling about 3 inches in length channels that I estimate at 200 fish swarmed the bread.

    I still dont mess with them much and have lost interest in it other then for me and my daughter to go throw some bread out there to watch the water erupt.
    At one point I had 2 blues and one flathead all over 20 pounds in there and still had alot of fingerlings and a few hand selected hybrid bream in the 3 pound range.
    The bream are still there but the big cats died at different times but I noticed when each one of them died it was during the spring or fall water column rollovers.

    In the last year an uneducated wife in home aquariums brought home a few gold fish and koi and put in my 55 gallon tank. I threw them out there too.
    They get big quick in a body of water that size!

    I had always heard I couldnt get channels to breed in a pond without alot of work and attention. That is totally false. I have the proof. There is no telling how many channel cats are out there that originated from the original 100 I stocked and I would imagine I lost most of those after the hurricane.
    Attempting to fish it to see what size cats are in there is near impossible with all the fingerlings. They'll attack your baited hook like paranah before the larger fish can get to it.
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    Subscribe to Aquaculture Magazine & you'll get all or information on everything you need. Also, check with your local agri extension program for Alternative Farming. Good Luck