Catfish eggs in Oct?

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by fishingrl636, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Brothers(and sisters)-
    Well im up late w/ a headache so i thot i'd share 2days surprise from nature. I'v finally got a chance 2 get out a get some jugs out. Got some numbers 2day but no size(blue cats). Well one of them suckers had eggs in it. Good, bright, formed eggs, not 2 bloody. I guess it happens once in a while and i'v heard that mayb the purple egg pheno was possibly eggs that didnt get laid for some reason and had not been absorbed. Now i dont kno if any of that is correct, i was jus wonderin what my experts of this forum think. is it bcause of the recent weather? is it common? am i gonna get a gold medal for catchin it?(kiddin):wink:

    So glad ur all here 2 share n train me.

    BTW- I am fishin Eufaula mid-lake.
  2. wildhunter066

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    I havent caught a fish in quite awhile with eggs. It was probably something wrong with the eggs but i would thought they would have been absorbed by know.Congrats on cathchin some fish. And dont all women have headaches at night. :big_smile:

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    Oh my! Jake, your in all kinds of trouble now!!:crazy:
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    The crappie guru's told us they start forming eggs for spring in the fall. I guess they have to start sometime? Maybe its a gestation period?