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This is what I use as a drifting rig for catfish. Based upon how the fish are biting and the water temperature, the position of the peg float will change. If it is warmer and the fish seem to be more active, I will place the peg float closer to the hook/bait. This helps keep it up and off the bottom a little more so the more aggressive fish will have a better time finding it and taking the bait. If the water is colder and the fish are more inactive, I will put the peg float closer to the swivel. The reason for this is the fish will need it to drag and bouncer closer to them giving them a bit more time and at their level to help entice them to bite.

I tend to use a braided line for my main line due to lack of stretching. I use a monofilament leader ranging anywhere from 18"-30" in length with a slotted peg float. I prefer to use 8/0 Octopus Gamakatsu Circle Hooks, but the hook size will change depending on what size of bait and what kind of catfish you are targeting. The 8/0 hooks I find to be very successful when drifting for blues.

The inline sinker helps distribute the weight out and is more slender than a large bulky weight. I use monofilament line and string 8 1/4oz eggsinkers together with a small swivel on the end. That of course will get clipped on the sinker slide. The 2 oz snagless sinker I find works well in lakes and slow moving rivers. Of course, larger sinkers may be needed and throwing heavier weights will be needed. You can change the 1/4oz for 1/2oz eggsinkers if needed. With the sinker slide, changing the weight is very easy and quick allowing more time fishing and less time fighting with your tackle and rig.

My personal drifting rig:

Black and Blue Tackle Custom Rod MH 7 1/2' length
Okuma Baitcaster Reel with Line Counter
80lb Cajun Braid
50lb Big Berkly Leader
8 1/4oz egg sinkers
#3 Black Barrel Swivel 100lb Rating
Any standard slotted peg float
Team Catfish Sinker Slide

Happy fishing and I hope this helps score your PB!
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