Catfish Court Bullion Recipe

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    Pauls Valley, OK
    Pronounced Catfish Coo-bee-yawn… or in cajun, catfish gravy….

    Start in large cast iron dutch oven. (or stainless steel, or even a crock pot if that’s all you got.)

    1- Bone-In Catfish, Season with sea salt – coarse black pepper - red pepper to your heat level.
    2- All purpose general run of the mill flour, Season flour with salt -black pepper - red pepper.
    3. Cover bottom of dutch oven with olive oil. (Crisco or Wesson is fine.)
    4. Roll fish in flour, both sides.
    5. Place fish in dutch oven or crock pot, make sure oil is hot.
    6. Brown fish on both sides, don’t cook, just brown, "DO NOT BURN".
    7. When fish is browned on both sides, remove from dutch oven or pot and put aside on a plate. (I put a napkin on the plate to absorb the oil)
    8. Add 2 TBL seasoned flour to the remaining hot oil in the dutch oven or pot and stir until a light brown, " DO NOT BURN". (this is called making a roux in cajun talk).
    9. Then, add the following: 2 onions - chopped
    1/2 bell pepper - chopped
    4 stalks celery - chopped
    4 cloves garlic - cut small
    10. Stir until onions begin to soften or begin to turn translucent.
    11. Add: 1 can tomato sauce
    1 can rotel
    1 TBL sugar
    12. Cook until onions and tomatoe sauce starts to brown. Stir often, "DO NOT BURN".
    13. Remove excess oil from dutch oven or pot with a ladel or skimmer and add water (enough to cover fish you will add later), bring to rolling boil, then lower fire to simmer. Stir often, "DO NOT BURN". This will need to cook for an hour or more until the rotel and tomato sauce is done (reddish brown).
    14. Once sauce is cooked, lower fire to barely bubbly and add fish. Cook fish about 10 minutes or until firm and flaky.

    Serve over boiled white rice.

    For a bit of zest add a few squirts of Tabasco sauce or Louisiana Hot

    ohh man, you will love dis!