Catfish Charlie

Discussion in 'Fishing Bait Review' started by Catman 1964, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Catman 1964

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    New Mexico
    Has anyone tried Catfish Charlie also what's the difference between the Type A and Type B. Also what is in full stringer and Pole cracker. Take care and GOD BLESS.
  2. MRR

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    Yes we have used Catfish Charlies and had real good luck with it last summer. As far as the others you named can't say that I have ever heard of them . The only one that I ever did use was the reg. from Bass Pro. That was the only place thar I could find it and Bass Pro doesn't have a lot to chose from for as catfishin goes. Least the one in St. Chas,Mo doesn't or didn't last time I was in there. So I have switched to either Premo which you can get about anywhere or Junnies Super Sticky. Both are good baits far as stink baits go. Also like the DK products. Take your choice.

  3. rebcatman

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    Manassas, Virginia

    I have used Catfish Charlie for years, and while I have not had great success using it, I always go back to it. Type A is a dough, and type B is "blood" flavor. Can't talk about the other types you mentioned.