Catfish/Bluegill for pets

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by deadly_legend, Nov 8, 2008.

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    well, i am wanting to get an aquarium and get either bluegills or some small channel catfish and put one or two in there, how big of a aquarium should i get? and what type of environment should i supply them with? im really wanting to just watch them grow and see how they act in the water (i know they are in an inclosed space, but it would still intrege me.) any tips on anything about it would be greatly appreceated.

    thank you

  2. Flatheadhunter33

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    If you are looking to keep gills, condition the heck out of that water! 'Gills are hard as heck to keep alive for some reason.

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    I can't remember where it is on here, but there's a thread telling just how to do this somewhere... I know it's here cause I read it a couple weeks ago! lol
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    I have had several bream over the years in aquariums. My first I had in a gold-fish bowl. I had to change the water every couple of days so I got a little 10 gal. aquarium. It worked pretty well but wasn't quite big enough. I have a 30 gal. now. I had a bream and a mudcat in it. They both got huge. I fed the bream dried tuboflex worms from Walmart, plus flies I killed with a fly swat. The catfish started feeding from the top like the bream. I had the bream for about 3 or 4 yrs. and the catfish for about 5. Be sure to put those under gravel filters in there, plus a couple of algae eaters. The catfish will eat them after a while if you get the small ones. I would feed them grasshoppers and nightcrawlers. I didn't do anything special to the water and mine lived. Just make sure when you clean the tank or put new fish in that the water temp. is close to the same as the water you have them in. If it's to warm or to cold they might go into shock and die.

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    A "falls" back, me and the crew were out to the lake and nailed this little dink. I mean the smallest Channel I have ever seen caught. Maybe 4 inchs. The 1/0 looked like a harpoon sticking out of that little feller's mouth!

    Many jokes later, the only thing to do was take him home to my buddy's 55 gal tank. By next spring he had tripled in size and most of the tropicals had gone "missing".

    Other than eating him out of house and fish, the concern was water quality. The tank and filters had to be cleaned more often. Game fish are nasty.
    My advise would be,,Big a tank as you can get, as much filtration as you can pack in it, and no more than a couple game fish. Resist the urge to put crawdads in, they eat fish.:smile2:
  6. kat in the hat

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    Bullheads make good pets! Never had any channels, blues, or flats. Not that they wouldn't make good pets as well, but bullheads won't need as much space. Ours did well with the convicts that it was kept with, except that the convicts picked on him pretty bad at first.
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    I had a flathead as a pet one time but I had to get rid of him because he
    kept running cars.