Catfish bite.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by TerryStucker, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. TerryStucker

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    Hey just a quick question. I've caught a lot of smaller channel cats.
    Had no problem holding them. But the big fish I see some of you
    guy holding from the mouth. Do the catfish bite very hard and
    is there a special way one should do it. Is it safe for anyone to stick
    their hand in the mouth of a big catfish.

  2. fishinjunky

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    their is a way to pick up big fish and you already mentioned it get your hand in their and hold on. some people will grab them like a baby (around where their stingers are). they chomp down pretty hard but really if you make a good fist they will not have a chance to crush all the way down. or you can do what i do, just get a pair of leather gloves and grab them in the mouth. don't have to worry about cut knuckles or fish slime.

  3. catmanofohio

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    Aberdeen (Southern Ohio)
    well in my opinion... the hurt is like this: Blues, Flats, then Channels, the smaller they are the worse the bite.. u get a cat over 15 lbs... stick both ur hands into their mouth ( 8 fingers ) and ur thumbs on the outside of the mouth... Grab hold REAL hard and dont drop them if they start flopping.. u will bust their guts. when releasing i set them in head first grab bye the tail and work them a little bit... works every time.. already a post on this if i can find
  4. FishBrew

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    North Texas
    Notice the towel in my hand, thats mainly there to help get a good grip so I don't drop him, lot easier to release over the side when they are flopping around.
    The bite is more of a strong, steady pressure/chomp than a quick bite. We are not talking snapping turtle here. No real special way on my end, just grap the bottom lip. No need to try and bend it down, you won't be able to on a cat of any size. The sand paper teeth can scrape you a bit, but heck thats a tip-toe through the tulips to me (part of the he-man thrill, battle scars). I'm sure there are those that have been hurt to one degree or another. I've seen a few get cut or dislocated finger but that was the result of the natural reaction of someone that has never done it and they jerk their hand back instead of just letting the cat bite down.
    The main issue most folks have with a big one is the strenght and power of it flopping around in there arms, lap. If it is not wore out by the time you get your hands on it, grabbing that bottom lip is one of the best sure holds you can find. my 2 cents.
  5. WylieCat

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    It not like they are going to break your finger, but they will break the skin. Most of the skin damage is caused when you try to jerk your hand out of their mouths in reaction to the bite.

    It is advised not to try to hold really large fish soley by the bottom jaw. You can actually damage the jaw by doing this due to the weight of the fish. Biologist believe "Splash" may have died from infection to an injury to its jaw resulting from handling.

    Control them by the jaw, but support the weight on the belly.
  6. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    i learned my lesson on this one. had a 10lb blue in a live well and reached down to bring it out by the mouth like i had so many times before. i felt a little preasure from the fishing biting and thought i can take it. started to lift the fish and figured out real fast i couldnt take it no more. i had to turn loose but i forgot my fingers was still in there and when i jerked, well i left some skin in there. i now look at my fingers as if they where a live shad. i done it a bunch of times before but this one little 10lber broke my heart on doing that anymore. lots of power in the jaws when they want to use it.
  7. neocats

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    For some reason, the chomp of the channels that I have caught seems a lot stronger than the flatties. I try to avoid picking up channels this was. I don't know about Blues, never caught one.
  8. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    Your best bet is to put your hand in there mouth and support there weight by placing your other hand under there belly. If you are worried about getting bit then put a glove on or something.
  9. CoonX

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    Oklahoma City O
    Safest way, would be to have someone else to grab the fish. :big_smile:
  10. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    U can grab the fish around the bottom.
  11. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    The fish in my avatar locked down so hard on my hands when I went to get the hook out that my mom had to put our oar in its mouth and pry it apart to get my hands out. He bite down and hung on. The bite isnt that bad, but the sandpaper like teeth that grip you are what do the damage. You dont want to jerk when they bite otherwise youll have alot of cuts down your hand or arm.

    Use a glove or towel if you need.
  12. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Most of my experience is with flatheads and yes they do clamp down pretty hard and will draw blood if they start to struggle and wiggle. Their teeth are like sand paper and can srape your skin up. From the few blue cats that Ive caught their teeth feel sharper and are more painful, they draw more blood than a flathead does in my opinion. Now for the catfish's safety and health I think holding the larger fish over 40 pounds horizonically with one hand supporting under the fish's belly is more proper for his health and survival after he is released.
  13. EricM

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    Harrison TN
    Eric Maurer
    My experience with big blues is that it is like wrapping your thumb with course grit sandpaper, grabbing it with a pliars, and twisting. It sands the skin off and scares you silly, and it's worth every second it takes to grow the skin back to have landed that big one! Seriously, a pair of gloves stops the scratching and the clamp down doesn't really hurt, it just scares you at first and then it become a contest to see if you can get its mouth open or if the fish can keep it closed. You'll love it! Good fishing!
  14. olddriller

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    welcome, I am also a new member,dont know how to do a lot of this stuff.
    I agree with a lot of thease other guys I have put my hand in 25lb flat head and some 9-10 lb blues , 12lb chanel cat. about 6 weeks ago I gought a 6 lb channel that bit down and would not turn loose I had to pry its mouth open to get my fingers out, I couldnt belive how much power it had in its jaws. I keep some gloves close by now.
  15. spanishcatman

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    United Kingdom
    Had a few big wels clamp down on my (gloved) hand. It's okay - a bit like a man standing with his full weight on your hand -but not stamping on it... Not much you can do when they do this. Just wait until he gets bored and opens his mouth. This is fine, unless you're alone in the boat and the other rod suddenly goes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!