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    I am M.Antum you can call me antum. I am come from Pangkalan Kerinci - Riau Indonesia. Near my house there are river have giant catfish until 65 kg. the problem i don't know the bait and tackle for cacth this catfish.
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    welcome to the Brotherhood of Catfisherman! This site is full of good people and great information.

    Exactly what type of catfish do you have over there, that would dictate the type of bait to be used. Here we primarily use fish that are native to the waterbody and then cut them into smaller pieces!

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    Welcome to the BOC, Antum. Good to have you here! I have heard of those big catfish you have over there. Man, those are big 65kg = 143 lbs. You would need some big tackle for something that big. Big rods, heavy line, big hooks, and depending on the current of the river, big sinkers.

    I would imagine that those guys would be eating other fish....but you would probably need to experiment. If you are able, I would send out some live baitfish (whatever smaller fish that are native to the waters that you are fishing) and some "cut bait" (take some of those smaller fish and cut them up into smaller pieces and fish with those as well (I like to use the heads and the part that has the guts in it.). You probably need to fish at different times of the day, too. Some catfish bite better at night, so you will probably have to experiment with that as well. Try to see if you can find some other fisherman in your area and ask them, too.

    Anyway, I hope this helps....not knowing your waters or type of catfish it is hard to get too specific, but give the smaller fish a try for bait.

    Good luck and good fishing, and again welcome to the BOC. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your catches (I can't wait to see a picture of a 140lb fish!!). Plus, if you can catch them, then you might be getting a visit from me! Catching a catfish that big would make me the happiest person on earth!.

    All the best.....Alex
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    :0a23::0a25::0a25:Welcome to the BOC. I look forward to reading of your fishing experiences and to seeing some pics of your country and fish.
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    o.k first you need a pole i recommend something sround 10-11 ft long medium to heavy action make sure it has some good flex in it.

    then you need to get you some abu garcia reels just about any of they're baitcasters will work just fine but the rockets i say would be the best.

    ok for string i would with 30-35lb big game line.

    ok get you some 1-2oz sinkers, some 2-3ft long 30-35lb steel leaders and a range of circle hooks 6/0-10/0.

    for bait i would go with live blugills (a type of panfish) i prefer warmouths myself,or shad live or cut as long as they're fresh, and i like to use crappies also! anywhere between 2 1/2- 6+ inches long.

    now i would go right before it starts getting dark get set up where theres some cover, bridge, bend in the river put your lines in and be patient checking your bait and moving your poles around after a couple hours if nothing happens. but dont give up on your spot try alot of different things. learn wat works where your at and wat dont. but this should get you started good luck with it i hope you get you a big one!
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    welcome to the BOC.. or should i say the WWBOC (World Wide Brotherhood Of Catfisherman):crazy:
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    Welcome to the BOC are you planning on keeping the fish after you catch it ? I would try cutting up a smaller scaled fish for bait .