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    1. if using frozen bait like skips, you can pack in sawdust, and will keep them froze. about 4inches then put bait and cover with sawdust.
    old timers use to keep ice, up in to summer by packing in sawdust. those of use that have a wood shop usually has more than enough, sawdust.
    2.If you have outside bait tank, hang a light doesn't, have to be a big one, over it, the bugs from light will feed your bait.
    3. old deep freaz, makes good tanks working or not, just plumb.
    4. bait caught from swift water, will be more live'er, than bait from calm water.
    5.This has ben cover, but good tip, fist full of rock salt sure, helps keep shad
    alive, about a fist full per, 15 gal, works for me.
    Troy says the salt perks the bluegill up too, in bait tank.
    I'am sure others have tips, on keeping bait and making it better, to fish with.
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    I am going to try the deep freezer conversion next year. Can always find them out and about.

    Great idea!