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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Cat Man Joe, Jul 8, 2007.

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    Need some advice guys. As some of you may know Ive used Sonnys stink bait a lot and Im looking to catch some bigger cats than you normally catch on stinkbait. A small lake I like to fish doesnt have any shad in it so I plan on using cut gill a lot when I have more time off work. I was thinking of using some cat attractant on the cut bait. I have a catfish connection catalog that Im looking through and Im wondering what attrac. would be the best to try. Have any of you had any luck with any sprays or gravy? CC carries Yum, Baitmate Classic, Nitro gravy, White Marsh liquid, Power bait, Fish Formula, and White Marsh Menhaden fish oil. Anyone know anything about these brands? Thanks for the help everyone.
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    I have not used any of those, but I would think if you have good and fresh cut bait, that adding an attractent would kinda defeat the purpose of fresh bait.JMO If the bait had been frozen or something the attractant may help. Also if you can get small bluegill, 3" or less, they are excellent channel cat bait alive., And the bigger ones for flatties.

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    i agree with chip. i would not put any attractant on them. i would cut a 1 to 2 inch square chunk and scale it and put it on the hook. that work really well for me and you will catch channels and flatties. also use the heads with the innards hanging out. works really well.