Catfish attractant for chum

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by jerellman, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. jerellman

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    I was wondering, would it work if i poured cafish crave gravy or any other attractant/stimulant into the water around my boat for chum?
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    Southern California
    Hey Jerell,

    Where abouts in Cali are you? I'm in Southern Cali. I fish for kitties mostly in Irvine Lake and SARL. I can't swear by Crave Gravy.

    I've heard of a new product by "Mustad" called "Ultrabite" that is suppose to call in the fish from upto a 100yds away. Yeah right.

    What I've had luck with, off the record, at Irvine is to chum a spot that you want to fish with mackeral at least an hour before you fish it. So pass by the spot on the way to another spot and chum the spot as you're passing by in your boat. The most IMPORTANT thing you have to do is do it COVERT. As soon as somebody else sees you chumming that spot they will hog it for themselves and you have just made somelses day instead of your own. Any other lakes you have to watch out for state reg's. At Irvine and other private lakes it's not really illegal because state rules don't apply because it is private.

    If the lake that you're fishing is a state lake then you really have to be COVERT because of the rangers. Chumming in freshwater is a nice fine. Chumming in Saltwater is allowed.

    Hit me up if you're in the Southern California area near Orange County and want to hook up and go fishing. I'm always down to go fishing with a fellow BOC.