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Discussion in 'Art Appreciation' started by bigcatkev, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Does anyone know of any catfish artwork out there. Kind of like the bass pro art of deer and some fish. Looking for something to hang in living room that looks nice.
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    Dear Brother Hashman;
    Kevin, if you find anything like that please let me know too as I have been looking around for some of the exact same things!
    And, if I find anything, I'll pass it along to you too!:smile2:
    I have heard that somewhere down in the southeast of the country, perhaps in the Southern Georgia and on into Florida, that there is a taxidermist that, given the critical dimensions, will make a full scale model. I've also heard that the more photographs and measurements you can provide the more accurate the model, but I've yet to get a name or location on this person!:sad2:
    I am of the opinion that with the way "Trophy Catfishing" is growing that there has to be someone out there that can do this and make it available! But I sure can't find them yet!!
    However, I will keep looking, asking, ect.
    Sorry I could not help you more at this time!:sad2:
    [[[[[End of Message, but not the looking!]]]]]

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    Southeast Kansas
    Never found any artwork, really... Although there was a real pretty quilt that was made for a drawing at the national gathering this past September. I just can't remember which member's wife made it. Maybe somebody can help me out here. Anyway, it was donated back to the boc, and I thought it was supposed to be auctioned off, but maybe I missed it:confused2:. Hope you find somethin'.