Catfish 2.75 / Larry and Catcommander .25 out of 3

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    As a tie in to a previous stat. The Catfish bite has been really light up here in MN. We fished 3/25 on Mississippi Lock and Dam #1. Water temps were still low 41F Had one solid bite. We were Using sucker, cut sucker, and fathead minnows on circlehooks. Other fisherman are starting to come out. Looks like mostly walley fisherman. Did see one other serious Catfisherman setting up as we were heading out.
    We also fished 3/29 on the MN river. Water temps were at 43F. probably still a little on the low side. Managed to try three spots in the 3.5 hours out. from deeper holes, timber and drainage flat. We were using powerbait, sucker, fathead minnows, and minnow powerbait combos. No bites as of yet.
    I'm guessing our techniqes are sound but because of the lower water temps and and radical river level fluctuations are calling for different tactics.

    Will be able to head out one day this week. Water temps are hovering around 44-45F and rivers are rising fast. Im going to try one of Dinkbusters recommendations and go really shallow in the tree roots and move into tributaries. Hopefully with the warming the channels will be feeding and doing the preliminary scouting for spawning grounds.

    I've heard that other Boc brothers up in Mn are having some success in landing some channels, nice size ones (check out MN posts for details)
    If your wondering about the score in the title. I'm taking .25 for the bite and Effort. :)

    Keep posted for updates.
    Wish us Luck
    thanks Larry