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    anyone use these i got a story for ya i bought one of these rod/reel combos on sale at gander mountain about 2 years ago and it was like 54$ i used it so much probably every time i went fishing even for bass i loved and my friend were fishing in a local farm pond thats near me where i have caught so far a 13lb channel cat...biggest i have ever caught. but one day we were fishing and he had set the pole down on the bank and was talking to me when we heard "SPLUNK" i run over to pick up the rod but it was gone. A fish had pulled it right off the bank into the water. Over the winter a lawn chair had blown onto the top of the ice and i had remembered seeing it there. Spring comes along and i see that no one had removed the chair from the ice so i was back with my friend and he had a big old treble hook that we used to hook the chair with as we were reeling in the chair i saw a slightly blue tinted line and i grabbed it, and for fishing with it forever i knew it was my pole i pulled it out of the water took it apart and it had lasted a whole winter in the pond and i pulled it out and had not one bit of rust on it all i did was wipe off the water and i swear on my mothers grave fished with it the same day.