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    I can't recall a time in my life when I haven't been putting my thoughts down on paper in some form or fashion. Writing has always been my saving grace especially during the times when what I had to say no one wanted to hear. Through the years, even though most of my writings have been destroyed I still have them in my head. I am not going to spend time trying to re-create what has been lost yet like the rest of my life I will take whatever comes and do the best I can with what is given. Enjoy! DC'09

    What story are your eyes telling?​

    As I drive the streets or walk the paths of my city and watch as people pass me by I can't help but wonder about the people whose eyes meet mine.
    Sometimes, just a glance at others much more yet always long enough...

    Black, Blue, Brown, Hazel, Grey or Green every set holds within them a story for the world to read. The French say, 'Les yeux sont le miroir de l'dme (The eyes are the mirror of the soul) and if that be true what are your eyes telling the world about you? DC'09​
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    Short and straight to the point. It hits home like an arrow which has found it's mark. Where these thoughts come from I'm not so sure but I hope they never stop. DC


    Stalking each of us
    an appointment
    we must keep.
    No escape
    No retreat

    Once we took our first breath
    Our appointment
    was set with Death!

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    by David Carroll Jr.

    What are we becoming?
    From one minute to the next,
    we are not,
    who we were,
    so what are we becoming?
    What are we progressing toward?
    What is the ultimate end to this,
    whatever this is?
    Does it begin at birth or before
    and if before when
    and does it end with death
    and if not,
    What is there after death?
    What is to become of us?

    People like to think they know
    but they don't know
    what's next!
    This mystery,
    is it DEATH,
    is it LIFE?

    Does death really exist
    or is it a state of transition,
    a weigh station or sorts?

    Is this body all there is
    or is it a "cocoon" whose sole purpose
    is to house the spirit which is in a constant state
    of becoming?