Catching skipjack in laughery - Ohio River

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    i went out on the ohio river today with my little brother. we were trying to catch bait up in laughery creek. we saw schools of little shad, but we couldnt catch any of size. every once in a while we would see a skipjack come up and eat one of the little shad. i was throwing cast net into schools of little shad trying to net some skipjack. when i would dump the little ones of the back of the boat, the skipjack would come up and eat them as they fell out of the net. we didnt have any light gear to catch skipjack with so this is what we did. we would catch a net full of small shad, then we would
    stun them and toss them in and wait for skipjack to come, then i would throw net right on top of them. In one cast i caught 10 8" to 10" skipjack.
    we caught enough skipjack in an hour to last us through the rest of this year. this is first time we did this and hopefully it wasnt a fluke and some of you can cash in on this good bait. we caught these fish on the other side of french bridge next to the loading ramp for yacht club, i think thats what it is called. if not it is the first ramp you come to after going under old iron bridge.
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    thanks and hey as long as it works then i,m for it gotta catch them someway ??? pretty thoughtful i think

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    Thanks for the great idea. I will have to try that.
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    i didnt know what a skipjack was till a few weeks ago when a buddy introduced me into fishing with them. since then ive been after those pesky lil bait fish ... ive caught some nice cats off of them ... not big but good eatin size
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    Thanks for the info about skipjack in Laughery creek, however if get down around Arnolds creek, it is simply lousy with medium to large shad. Just about anywhere you throw the net will catch nice shad.