catching shad from shore

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    South Carolina
    I plan on fishing santee state park next weekend(on Lake Marion) and i was wondering whether it would be worth bringing a cast net to try to catch some bluegills and shad from shore. I am limited to fishing from the shoreline areas and i plan on fishing all night long.
    I have a 5 foot cast net that i usually use in saltwater.
    gear: 6 foot 6 rated 15-40 pound test line rod with penn jigmaster
    9 foot ugly stick with BPS offshore angler gold cup reel(holds 20/200)
    baits i will get: shrimp and chicken livers, and whatever i catch in saltwater this weekned

    From reading i see that for a decent shot at bigger channels and bluecats i should use live or freshly cut fish.

    I have 2, 3 watt led flashlights(one is a streamlight that runs up to 150 on one set of batteries), do u guys think it would be enough if i tied a rope and threw it into the water to attract baitfish?