Catching Pork under pressure!!!!!

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    We got a call from a friend today who guides quail hunters. He said he had a couple of fellas who wanted to kill a pig. Yeah, no big deal. I asked who & he said Roy Williams from the Dallas Cowboys. Holy freakin' crap!!! The same Roy Williams who made the famous superman play against Texas in the Red River Rivalry! I mean... uh, yeah... that's cool, I might be able to make it. So Bray and I each darted home, loaded up our gear & our dogs and met them at the hog place. We unloaded & walked the dogs into the north wind for about 3/8ths of a mile before the dogs struck. They started running a hog & this went on, and on, and on..... this hog knew what was up. They finally sound like they're bayed up solid & then we hear squealing. Hmmmm..... I was expecting a straight bay on a good hog, not squealing. We get there (I might add at this point that Bray and I beat an NFL safety to the bay and we have about a 150 lb sow caught in the middle of the flippin' river. This sow was wet and there were really small shotes running around, so I know good & well this isn't the hog we chased the whole way. I think we were on a bigger boar who ditched us on this sow. This is the 2nd time that's happened in this same spot. I gotta hand it to him though, Roy was game. All of us waded out across the river and killed the hog. He and his buddy Fletch were in on this hunt and they were all smiles. When I stuck the hog (neither of them wanted to do it) blood squirted Roy in the face. It was classic. Anyway. I didn't have my camera at the river, but we got a picture once we were all back at the truck & cleaned up a bit. It was a fun hunt. After all was said & done, someone asked them which was more fun, the quail hunting or the hog hunting. The question was barely out of the guy's mouth & Roy and Fletch both blurted out "HOG HUNTING!!!!"

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    Man that is Cool!!:big_smile:

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    Man thats cool, especially being a cowboys fan.
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    Is that the same pig skin that they will be using tomorrow!
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    That's a cool story...would have loved to see video of blood shooting across Roy's face.:big_smile: