Catching flatheads the easy way, almost.

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    As some of you know I do not target flatheads per se, but if they hit my baits while I fishing for blues I will bring them in and photograph them and put them back in the water for others to enjoy.

    For the past two to three weeks I have noticed a trend as it relates to flatheads. Of late, I have charter several white perch trips and I also catch them for bait. When I fishing for white perch, after we catch a few, I bait up to two Carolina Rigs with live perch on them and cast them out about 60 feet of so. We then get back to perch fishing and before we are thru, we have a 5 to 20+ pound flathead take one of the white perch, every single time, sometime two of them
    per outing.

    Today, I wanted to test this flathead and white perch thing out, so I went to a cove/bay that I have not fished for several years, just off the main channel and found some perch. Caught several, baited up my cat rigs and had a hit within ten minutes+-. I missed that one, but ten or fifteen minutes later I get a run and there is a nice flathead on.

    This is not night time fishing, but out in the bright sun. I do not engage the reel, but I do use the clicker. When they run with the bait, I wait 7 to 15 seconds, depending on the the run, then I lock the reel down and bring in the fish. I am using a no. 8 circle hook made by Black and Blue, a sponsor of the BOC. The bait can be hooked thru the eyes or thru the lips, does not seem to matter.

    Bottom line is, find you some white perch and then fish for flatheads.
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    I know what you mean Mack the flats are bitting pretty good. I've been catching some 30lbers latly. Using the same bait as you. I've been having alot of fun.