Catching Crawdads

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    I use a different method to catch crawdads than the usual trap method,it is not very time consuming and the kids can do it with you. Here`s my method, buy a cheap plastic colander at the local dollar store (my wife won`t let me use hers and yours probably won`t either) and head out to your favorite creek or stream. Stand behind a rock or other debris with the current flowing toward you,slowly lift the rock to minimize clouding up the water, the current will usually clear the water rather quickly anyway. When you spot a crawdad put the colander behind it and place your other hand in front of it causing it to flee,most of the time the crawdads will back up right into the colander.Lift the colander out of the water and put him in your bait bucket. Due to the holes in the colander there is very little resistance raising it out of the water. We have caught dozens of crawdads in no time with very little effort,Try this method it works and as I said earlier the kids enjoy it too.
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    Ive wanted to get a net with small mesh to do this but never got around to it. There is a local lake where at the boat ramp they are big in numbers and you can sit your latern in shallow water and catch them as you turn over rocks.

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    Good morning folkes, I saw a crawdad trap on Catfish- Connection; are those traps any good? If so where would be a good place to out the trap? I been wanting to fish this lake called Pudingstone in Pomona, Ca the lake has a pier that I like to fish from;is their a chance I might catch some crawdads just dropping the trap over the side of the pier? Thanks for your time.

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    ive always used a seine(im sure i spelled that wrong lol) you know the net with the handles on either side,a couple of passes and your ready.
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    I have not caught crawdads since I was a child, but then I just flipped rocks to find them