Catching Channel Catfish?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by HammerSmashedBass, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. HammerSmashedBass

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    Tampa, Florida
    Hey, I'm new here. Great site.

    I fish from a lake in East Texas, and would like to start fishing for channel cats. Problem is, I don't have much of an idea how to catch them. I don't have a boat so I have to fish off the bank.

    I know it's a pretty generic question, but do you folks have any beginner suggestions?
  2. catfishrollo

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    Welcome to the BOC Alex... Im not from your area, but im sure many will be here to help you soon. I like to fish along rip rap rock, or along ledges that go from shallow to deeper water. Chicken livers, cutbait, and even smaller livebaits such as creek chubs or suckers can be productive as well.. goodluck to you in your chase....rollo

  3. barbelboy

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    I agree, all of those baits will work (though liver won't stand up to long casts very well). Longer rods (7' +) with spinning reels will enable you to cast farther. Look for those areas close to deeper water that you can fish near. Use the bait of your choice and settle in for the wait. What I've done a couple times is chum too. Cut off a wiffle bat at the top and put some bait in it. Fling it out there. Not too much though, just enough to get more scent into the water and draw fish too you. With no boat your mobility will be limited and this might help.
  4. 187um

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    west frankfort, ill
    welcome to the BOC great site! i consider this place top notch lots of help comin your way from all the people on here...... so i am still somewhat of a beginner but we have alot in common i dont have a boat or anything and stuck to the shores. but what i have learned is this - rod and reels....the simple 13 dollar combo deals you find at walmart have not worked out that well for me and you dont have to spend 100$ for a good combo my 2 rigs are both 40-50$ combo from walmart made for catfishing. work great and their taller and more sturdy. if your catfishing you got to have something with a good back bone you never know what your gonna get could be 2-25lbs so best to be ready for it. Bait - i agree with the others cats are always on the look for a free meal. liver can still be used to cast far take some thread and wrap it a few times and cut it and cast livers can be a great bait.cut bait is awsome and tends to bring in larger sized cats bait up for what you are going for small bait small fish. and something i just learned this year ... shad guts work amazing my go to cut bait cut the bellies take out all the guts and in the guts there is a hard piece of like cartilidge put that piece on your hook taks like 3 of the the guts but i tell you what these cats in Feb are tearin it up got a 15 lber on those see the pic of it on my images. Hooks and stuff - i swear by circle hooks never had more hook ups, wieghts depend on the current or wind i use normally a 2 ounce because i need to cast it about 250 feet. cats like stuff that stinks so stink baits work well sonny's or secret 7 are really good. well thats bout it so i got long winded
  5. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Welcome to the BOC, this site is full of good info and great people.

    My best advice for Channel cats: fish current with live bait.
  6. unclebuncle

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    I would forget chicken livers and use turkey livers if you can find them.Fish like them just as well and you cant cast them off.Also dont forget to fish close to the bank sometimes.If you see the weeds moving around it could be a big channel.Also around large rip rap they might be laying right next to the bank.I catch a lot of channel from under other peoples feet because they are fishing way out.
  7. JimmyJonny

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    We find them around the channels here. They can be in it, along the side of it, or even 1/2 way between. Most guys will try to locate baitfish or feeding birds to get a idea. I prefer using cut baits only, one reason is because I have a good chance of finding a larger blue or flathead.

    Other places are around bridges, rip rap, or at times even flats. Good thing I've noticed about channels is that I can catch them at almost anytime of day compared to flats/blues.

    You ask what ya's why we are here.


    Start studing what you can about spawning too because it wont be long before it's time...depending where you live.
  8. brinley45cal

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    Welcome bro,good question.I would fish around structure like trees in the water ,deep holes of water anywhere water is swirling things like that.For bait i like to use shrimp,night crawlers,chicken or beef livers,night crawlers,bluegill heads things like that.For eater size some folks like to use dip or punch baits.
    As far as the liver goes get you some cut in bait size pieces,put it on aluminum foil and sprinkle garlic powder and salt pretty heavy and let it set out in the sun for a couple hours so it gets a little tuff.Do that on both sides then when you go to fish with it it will stay on the hook and you wont have to use thread or pantyhose or any of that stuff.Beef liver you dont have to do anything with it,its tough enough to stay on the hook as is.Good luck
  9. Arkansascatman777

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    Alex, welcome to the BOC/SOC :cool2:, best catfishing site on the web!

    Get ahold of Jeff with team catfish and get some secret 7 bait and some bait holders. When the water temp's hit 70 and above yu will absolutely hammer the channels and blues if there are any in the area you are fishing.
  10. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Welcome to the BOC Alex.
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    Clovis Cali
    Welcome to the Brotherhood Alex:wink: A lot of great info on here. Look forward to reading your post:wink:
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    Welcome to the BOC Alex
  13. Tangler

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    Sugarcreek, Ohi
    Shade in the early morning will draw channels. Most of summer I have the most success after daybreak until just before noon when virtually all the water has been touched by the sun. I think that it all depends greatly on your system that your fishing but i will tell you that they are a creature of strict habit and careful observation is crucial if you want to have more than just hit and miss luck.

    Hope this helped, good luck and welcome to the BOC
  14. Trulife

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    Search on the net for wing dikes and eddies and you can see some illustrations on where eddies will be. Also if you kind of figure out where you want to fish you can go to and you can see a map of some areas you might want to fish. if your fishing river stick to eddies and channels. take some different bait with you, not just want. That way you can see what works. I have gone out with just chicken liver before and for the life of my cannot figure out why I would do such a thing and only have 1 bait haha.
  15. 40oz

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    Gun Barrel Tx
    Welcome aboard, What part of east Tx you fishing cause i'm in east Tx. Last year all I was catching was channel cat but this year the majority have been blue cats. I been creek & lake fishing around rocks & fallin trees useing worms & cut shad & having pretty good luck.
  16. Swampfox.

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    welcome Alex, from Start Louisiana. keep reading my friend u will find all u need to know here.