Catching bullheads

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    Man, I think I have really found the way to catch a load of bullheads for flathead bait. I caught a bucket full tonight to use this weekend. Here's how:
    First, use chum. I've tried oatmeal, pet food, and such, but what seems to work best is minced balogna, because it's smelly and it sinks to the bottom fast. Chop some up and it put it in a margarine tub with a cup of water. Pick your spot and dump it in a spot that's easy to cast to. Park ponds & farm ponds are good places, so are small lakes. Dump it in an hour before dark so the bullheads have time to find it.
    Second, instead of small hooks, use small treble hooks or 1/16 ounce jigs. Both are are harder for the buggers to swallow.
    Third, use one rod only and keep it in your hands so you can crank them in as fast as they bite. They are notorious hook swallowers.
    Fourth, an inch or so of nightcrawler works well for bait. Balogna won't stay on the hook, and you can catch four or five bullies on one night crawler.

    Fish with an 8/0 circle hook through the meat behind the dorsal fin and a weight from 3 to 8 ounces, depending on the bullhead.
    They will live all night on the hook and struggle enough to attract hungry flatheads. I use them up to about 10" long on my Magnum Rig.
    They are strictly a big fish bait. You won't get many hits on them, but most of my fish over 20 pounds have come on bullheads.
    Give them a try sometime.
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    Sounds like a very efficient technique, thanks for sharing.

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    I'll lhave to give this a try. Know just the place too. Thanks.

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    Hey brother,
    That is a great idea, and i believe i will try that....I too, know just the spot....Thanks for the info....
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    Sounds like a great idea, we catch a few bullheads and they are usually too small to put in the pan and if this will catch large cats I'm all for it. Thanks for the tip.