Catching Bullheads 101

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    Original post made by James Ronald Phillips(Scificatman) on July 10, 2002

    Catching Bullheads 101

    First off I would use baits that only target the bullhead, that would minimize your catching other species of fish.I would use sonny's super sticky channel cat bait, chicken liver or beef cut up in small pieces, or shrimp. Then find a place where the snags are not too bad. Now for tackle find some soft hooks, by soft I mean hooks that will straten out easy, tru turn bluegill size are all you will need. That way if you hang into a big old carp or bass he will straighten your hook but you lose no tackle. Also if you will use a small three way swivel with the leader that goes to the sinker a lot smaller lb test, and the one to the hook same as the line you are using,you lose the sinker but nothing else. You can also use a small cork with soft hook close to bottom and sinker 18 inches above the hook. Now for line, you have to cheat here, use either 6-30 or 10-50 spiderwire. Small dia great pound test. As for rod and reel, any ultra light combo works great with the 6-30 spiderwire, with the 10-50 use a light action reel with the same ultra light rod.Fishing as outlined above, busted up or broken tackle is very unlikely as your bluegill hook will straightened out before that happens. Keep your drag set to where it will slip before the hook straightens and you should be able to catch a lot of bullheads for fun or to eat. If you do get hung up wrap the line around a stick and pull it free. Another thing that works good for bullheads is chum. Sour some wheat in water for a few days and throw out a coffee can full prior to fishing. This will greatly improve your catch. Fine chopped spam works good also. This method will work for channel cats in large ponds, you just have to use a stronger hook. I hope this helps. It works here in KY and should work for you also.