Catching Bait on Badin

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    Hey all...Just had a couple questions. I know that someone on here (can't remember who) said that the Badin/Tuckertown Dam was a good place to catch bait with a cast net from the shore. I thought I would go and try it out and didn't catch a single thing while throwing over the rail. It seems there wasnt much bait to begin with there or because they had the water running and my net would get swept away before it could even get deep enough to get anything. Does anyone have any recommendations on good places to catch bait from shore around here or if I was doing something wrong at the dam? Thanks alot!

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    Ive tossed over the rail several times, bait is hit and miss. I have caught almost all my bait this spring from the dam because garr creek hasnt been that good. I have an extra long rope, about 30' and a 1 1/2 pound per foot net. 3/8 mesh I think.
    when they are generating the current in places wont allow a net to sink right, but most times I find a spot and get them. I allways throw atleast once even in boat at the corner of the rail and the building. I was up there this past weekend on boat and current was really strong, I caught bait at the half wall and behind it in the calmer water. To many people in the corner. With all the rain we are getting it may be tuffer to get bait from rail. Ive also caught bait around the bouy just below the dam. all around it. there probably near the bank there also. I was night fishing garr creek one night and bait was tuff so I set out my floating light, after awhile there was plenty to toss on.