Catchin Cats With The Deputy

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    Mark Williams bought a trip I provided for a Dallas Bay Baptist Church Wild Game fundraiser (in Chattanooga). It took us a long time to make it happen after bad weather blew us out of a crappie trip. After hooking up about his 20th catfish, Mark said, "I think this is probably a lot more fun than crappie fishing!" :wink: Zach reeled in the big fish of the day after his Dad "hooked up." It was a mean 17-pounder that about took Zach for a ride. I think we had four or five fish over 10# today... and a boatload of smaller fish. My standard pattern... hit a few deep holes (Chickamauga Dam Tailwaters) looking for bigger fish and drifting light tackle in shallow water for the rest. All caught on chicken breast. Mark is a Deputy for Hamilton County Sheriff's Dept. and their official Boating Officer. He fished all morning and has to work the Riverbend Music Festival tonight. Ugh! But when you see the Hamilton County boat on the water... he's the man working hard to keep folks safe. Yet another reason that life is good and gettin' better every day!

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