Catch catfish in creeks

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    I have seen a few posts where people want to know how to catch cats in creeks. Since I mainly fish one I can tell you just how to.

    1. Get a cast net if you don't have one. $15-20 at Wal-Mart or Academy.

    2. Find a good spot with rocks and shallow, swift water.

    3. After practicing a little with your net, throw it into the current. Don't overlook eddies, such as behind large rocks or trees. Sometimes predator fish will sit in eddies but you can also get baitfish.

    4. After harvesting your bait, choose a good shiner (or whatever is most abundant in the stream).

    5. Your line should have a 1/0 to 4/0 Kahle or other style hook. Sinkers are optional, but I reccoment a slip sinker and split shot with no swivel.

    6. Take your baitfish and cut its tail off while it is still alive. Then cut it half way through once or twice in the middle of the body. Guts can spill out as well as blood.

    7. Hook your baitfish by running the hook through the head or gill and out the middle of the body.

    8. Deep pools are usually where I find cats. During the fall, find the deepest spot. Once you have found a good spot, put your bait out and stick your rod in a holder or something to hold it down.

    9. Leave the reel open so line can peel off when a fish hits.

    10. Wait 5-20 mins for a fish. If there are no takers after 20 mins then re-bait and cast to a different spot. If you don't catch a cat within the first hour of fishing, change bait or move to a new spot.

    This works for me and should work for any creek catfishemen. Let me know how it works for you.

    Below is a picture of the spot where I harvest bait.

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    good stuff. thanks for the tips i think im getting a cast net for my bday.