Catch and Release Record Program

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    I was reading over the '09-'10 Az fish and game regs and came across this program that I didnt know existed! I thought that it might be helpful info for others as well who dont know about it.

    The program requires only an accurate total length measurment and photo (no weight). It is based on the principal that the less that you handle the fish the greater the chance for survival once the fish is returned to the water.

    -Measurment is from snout to tail with clear photo for species recognition.
    (all fractions of length will be measured to the nearest inch).

    -New catch and release record must exceed existing record by at least 1 inch.

    -Weighing your fish is considered stressful. Catch and release entries that are weighed will placed in the kept (weighed) catagory.

    -Weights based on lenth and girth are not calculated.

    -Witnesses are desirable but not required. The program is based on the honor system.

    I think that this is a pretty cool system and will help out alot with the CPR effort for our biggest catfish especially. Does anyone else's state have this program?
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    That's pretty cool!