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The Catawba River was declared to be the most endangered river in American this past week. As most of you know, the Catawba River furnishes water for several lakes in North Carolina and South Carolina.

It appears that too much water is being drawn from the Catawba River for residential, commercial and industrial use and this use is expected to double in the next fifty years. In 2007 with the drought we had to sanction water usuage all along the river. Can you imagine how it will be in fifty years when the use doubles.

This problem was featured in the Charlotte Observer on April 17, 2008 and was titled "AT A CROSSROADS". Check it out at

The Catawba River is 225 miles long to the Wateree River. Water held in reservoirs equals 769 billion gallons. Current water use in 2006 was 420 million gallons a day and the projected water use in 2058 is estimated to be 946 million gallons a day. There is 1,727 miles of shoreline and 44% of that is developed with 22% already zoned for future development.
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