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    Quote by Jeff:
    seen at the scales this year and the caliber of people that have fished these tournaments,because our tournaments have been trouble free.

    Trouble Free

    I'm just a old man that likes to catfish. In my younger days i fished 4 days a week and sometime 7. I guess time takes its toll and now it would be hard to fish that much. I guess the only reason i started back is because of a Kid (Seth) that was pulled from his home to a new school, new surroundings, new people. Away from everything he was use to. Mountain stream fishn, his friends and familly. I would had moved there but due to how his father was, we felt like him and his mom needed a change of location. Fishn use to be my God, even though i didn't really see it that way, but it was. If you live to do something and base your whole life around it. ITS YOUR GOD! When i got saved (accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in my life) My GOD changed and my life changed. when i started back fishn tournaments it wasn't for me but for Seth He needed something to look forward to. He has been through a lot. (put yourself in his place) He looks forward to these fishn trips and it has changed him a lot. He doesn't miss home as much as he use to and one day he may even consider this home. Its hard to earn trust from people but i have earned Seth's, and hope to earn it from others. I live by a code, rules of God. They are the 10 Comandments and that along with love for others is my life. Before i would ever cause any trouble on this club, i would quit. I know this club has had problems in the past with one man and probably others, but it won't be from me:big_smile: Seth and I have enjoyed fishn with the CCC and looking forward to next yr. Thanks guys
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    Great post Dean,That is a great thing you are doing and have done for Seth,we all can see the excitement in his eyes at each Tourney.He is gonna be ok with your guidance and wisdom.He will turnout to be a great fisherman and an even better person.We are glad yall happened upon the tourneys when you did and have enjoyed having you fish them.You guys are contenders at each and every one and everybody else has had to pick up their game to compete.Keep up the good work and the good post here on the BOC.
    No we have never had any problems whatsoever out of anyone except the one "Village Idiot",Its a shame that one person whos name shall not be mentioned can be so mad at the world because of his own misgivings and misfortunes,that he has to take it out on those around him and make life miserable for everyone.All of his actions were of his own stupidity and and ignorance and you can also throw in a great deal of jealousy.But you know,the Club is over that and has moved on to great success with or without him.Afterall he was not the "Rodeo" King or the "Wateree King" or Catawba Catfish Club.He was a fair at best fishermen who got tangled up in his own pile of mess He was just fortunate to get away with what he did in the period of time that he did,It caught up with him finally.He made his own bed in that regard and now he is lying in it.And to finish up,He will have answer again one day and you just as I know who that will be to.

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    I only got to fish one time with this club this year but was very glad to see this type group of people i will do my best to fish with you as much as possible next year can't wait
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    Good post Dean.
    Well run tourney series. I like getting done at 1-so i can weigh in,get home and get some sleep before church.
    Im ready for next year-lets go.:big_smile::smile2:
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    Well stated, Dean!!

    Bill in SC