Catalpa Worms Anybody??

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    Okay, here's the skinny. On my last trip to AR, I fell in love w/ this primo catfish bait. After refusing my AR buddy's offer of some freebies, I came home and started looking for local sources. Thanks to some other friends, next year might land me some fresh ones right close to home. At this time of year we're talking frozen ones and since that is what I used in AR, I know they work quite well. I was in sticker shock when I started pricing them from the very few online resources which quoted me an average of $6.00 a dozen or 20 dozen for $100 + shipping. I can't swing that so I kept looking. I did find a guy in Shreveport, LA who quoted me $3 a dozen but he had no way to ship them. I couldn't find a local shipper that would send over a cooler w/ dry ice so...I'm thinking ROADTRIP here. If I can find enough other people interested in some of these bad boy's, I might just run down there and bring some back myself. Anybody in the least bit interested in any? Looks like a 9 hr roadtrip but what the heck....I smell fried tamales, fresh cat, and some mudbugs enroute :cool2::cool2: ...Yeah babee!!! :big_smile: