Cat toys for bass lures

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by CatfishHateMe, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. CatfishHateMe

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    i found 2 old cat toys from when we had a cat, both look like mice, ones black and the other white. ive heard of bass and cats hitting on feeder mice and people talking about seeing stranded mice get hit by cats and bass. if you kno me and my McGiver(sp?) self then you kno im always making/improving something. im turning these toys into bass lures:big_smile: i need suggestions, i was thinking a peice of wire just long enough to go through the plastic body and make loops on each end and wrap the wire around itsself like a spinnerbait looks like and then put a 3/0 treble on it with slipt rings on each end. then paint the wire white on the white mouse and black on the black mouse. you guys think this will work?
  2. isaiahedwards

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    well jay if you build it.... it will work try it and see what happens
    if so let us know.. along with some pics