Cat Fishing Deep Creek Lake

Discussion in 'MARYLAND LAKES TALK' started by BudMan131, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. BudMan131

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    Has anyone fished this area for big cats and where to look for them on a large lake ??? Thanks BudMan !!!!
  2. MrFlathead

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    The wife, kids and I went camping over there at Deep Creek Lake State Park and I have to say it was pretty but the fishing sucked. It has been years since I went somewhere and couldnt catch hardly anything. We tried the state park, 3 pulloffs around the lake and under 219 bridge. I didnt catch anything at all till it got dark and then I caught like 6 rock bass or gogleye or whatever you call then here. I was using live minnows, leaches, night crawler and crawdads along with several artificials trying to catch walleye, yellow perch and smallmouth bass but nothing, not even an accidental channel cat on these baits LOL. I am stationed at Ft. Meade and this 3 hour trip was the worst waste of money for me in a long time!

  3. Cattitude

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    Waynesboro Pa.
    I was just looking at this lake as a place to try...was gonna drive down and give it a shot...thought the kids could get into some bass there...maybe....thanks for the info...
  4. jeremiad

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    I drove down US 219 through Depp Creek Lake on the way to Canaan Valley a week ago. The lake was at its best, no doubt! I was wondering how the fishing was on this lake. Thanks for the fishing (or lack thereof, LOL)reports!
  5. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    any chance that the time of year or the day were just bad for you or was the consensus the same everywhere you went. my friends and i are going to be down there for the holiday weekend coming up, i was hoping someone may no a place to catch some cats.
  6. Bomberman

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    Spring Run, PA
    They don't call this lake the "reluctant dragon" for nothing. It gives up its secrets slowly. We usually make a trip to ice fish there at least once a winter and have always connected. We also have filled a cooler with jumbo perch one just have to find the fish. Summer time is hard there because of the boat traffic...most of the fish feed after dark when the water calms down. It's not known for its catfishing but there are plenty of other fish to catch there.

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