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  1. Fetmo

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    I usually dont get a chance to rod and real fish for cats. mainly jsut trot line/set lines.

    If i was gona build a new tackle box for rod and real fishing for cats what would be yalls suggestions for its contents??

  2. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    I use 7/0-10/0 King Kahles. Or 7/0 Octopus hooks. Tried circle hooks, don't like'm......... I use 2-5 oz weights with a sacrifice line to a swivel that I clip onto my main line (30# mono) that is tied directly to my hook. I squeeze a split shot onto my main line about 12-18" from the hook, ,,, cast out and leave the spool disengaged with the clicker on.. the mainline will play out through the eye of the swivel and sound the clicker..
    so, I carry all my baitfishing gear, floats, hooks etc, cathooks, weights, extra everything.
    pliers, lights, knives,,small snelled hooks for channels,1/0-2/0,,, bait,etc. lots of snap swivels, pinch weights, for different rigging for different fish,,,Bug spray, cigars,, to help with bug control!! clip on lights..for my cap..Spool of light mono (10-15#) for sacrifice weight line,,
    Bucket of live bait, either caught or purchased, nightcrawlers, Lures for daytime bass fishin', stripers etc, .
    And,, Welcome to the BOC...:smile2:
    We ususally go out for about 3 days so, we pack lots of stuff, so we can keep fishing all day and night.. while we're out.. usually 2-3 of us..

  3. mankind

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    ashland ky
    yea what he said that will get you started as time goes by you will build your own:wink::cool2:
  4. Fetmo

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    Cool! ty for the great info

  5. catman-j

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    Eastern Nebr
    Hooks of your choice. Most people prefer circle hooks.
    Weights, heavier ones for fishing in current 5 oz or heavier, 1 oz for no current. Small spool of line for leaders.
    Swivels for carolina rigging.
    Small hooks, split shots and small bobbers, lighted bobbers, to catch small panfish for bait. Bring along an ultralite.
    Clip on bells.
    Light sticks, colored plastic cups & tape. Tape a light stick on the inside of the cup so it glows and place the cup over your rodtip while bank fishing. When you get a bite the cup will fall to the ground.
    Bug spray.
    Stringer, although I prefer a basket which won't fit. Turrtles can't get to your fish if they're in a basket.
    Knife, nail clippers, pliers.
    Night light for your hat.
    Tubes for dip bait, Large needle to feed line through a dip bait worm.
    Extra flashlight and batteries.
    A few sticks of dynomite for when the bite is slow.
  6. catoon

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    man i dint relize how much stuff i carry with me when i go out catting
  7. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    I've cut my fishing tackle box down to what will fit in a back pack. Extra hooks and sinkers, a lot of each. I normally fish 5/0 "J" hooks, 5/0 or 6/0 kahle hooks, and larger than 5/0 circle hooks. I carry at least 25 of each hook with me. Then, where the real back strain comes in, the sinkers. The smallest I carry is a two ounce, up to an 8 ounce bell sinker, then I carry some No-Roll sinkers, and some egg sinkers. Each has its own use. I carry a filet knife for the shad. D cell batteries for the bubbler in the shad bucket, rain gear, small ropes (about 1/4 inch diameter by 15 to 20 foot in length to tie my poles to rocks and trees) and of course, toilet paper. LOL. Then I'm all fixed up to bank fish.

    For boating, the list stays about the same, except I carry sinkers from 3/8 ounce and larger. Don't need as much weight to drift fish. LOL
  8. Mickey

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    Larry Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. You have recieved some good info on necessary items for a catfish box.:0a18::0a25::0a26:
  9. alpal16

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    Philly, PA
    There is a lot of good info on here already. One suggestion that I have found useful is that I carry a bunch of pre-tied hooks (your choice, I have been using 3/0-5/0 for channels and 7/0-8/0 for flatheads, Gamma circles or Team catfish double actions), which I snell to my leader material (40# fluorocarbon) and a strong swivel on the other end. I keep them organized by wrapping them around a short piece (cut to length of choice) of that foam pipe insulation stuff. That way I can keep a bunch ready for tying onto my main line quickly and they don't get tangled up in the box or backpack (I have moved to using a backpack lately to allow me to carry more stuff).

    Other things have already been suggested--no-roll sinkers, 2oz-5oz depending on the current, 2 headlamps, cycalume sticks, pliers, scissors, plastic beads, extra hooks, leader material, fish lip grippers (I splurged for the Bogas), extra scale, and extra batteries for my camera and bucket aerator. I carry a 6 gal bucket for live bait.

    Hope this helps. Good fishin' to ya':cool2: