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CAT FISH magazine

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does anyone know of a catfish magazine?? why dont we have one?? what can we do to get one??? [email protected] is overrated..........
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in-fisherman used to have one called catfish insider i bought it at wally world a few years ago..... but havn't seen one in any of the magazine sections around here now for quite awhile, not sure if they still make it. it was an excellent magazine tho.... if i remember rite it was it was put out 4 times year.
We have somthing in the works that should be ready in the near future.
they still have catfish insider. i think its an ok magazine.
I think they now make catfish in-sider just one time a year. It comes out around april.
does anyone know where you can get an older issue of catfish insider? Or can you?
Glad to hear that one, Tea!!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds awesome, can't get enough reading in about catfishing!!!!!!!!!! God bless.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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