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Cat boats.

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I was thinking about making some changes in my cat boat , but not sure what I want to do. Can some of you post some pics of your cat boats and we can trade ideas and maybe come up with some great cat boats. I have a Lowe 1648 Jon boat, with a Nissan 9.9 on it. I have ten rod holders(Attwoods)on the boat so you can fish anywhere you want(two flush mounts and 8 side mounts). Had the factory put a floor in it so I can use foldout chairs in the front and back.It has a live well and I put a mount on the front for a trolling motor,which holds a Minn Kota 55 lb./12v Thrust.I have my lights wired to go from the front to the back of the boat and the lights are on poles that plug into sockets,along with a socket in the front for the trolling motor. I'm going to post some pictures of mine later today. Need to go over and change out the plugs in the motor. Thanks!
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I have to admit that's one impressive set-up you have there!!!
Those are some nice boat set-ups in the gallery. Thanks for sharing.
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