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Discussion in 'Castnet(s)' started by blindfly69, May 26, 2006.

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    well i know you all will think im stupid for asking this but how do you repair holes in a castnet? i tried search engines and they only led me to places looking to sell me another cast net. if you know how or know where i can find the information PLEASE let me know
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    I use about a 12 lbs. test mono and kind of weave things together the best i can. I spread it all out in the floor and go th patching. Im no seamstress or weaver however I usually can make it work fine. So just spread it out and start weaving. If its the main lines going down use a 50 lbs test or larger, try to measure those for spacing they are the most critical ones. I usually get 2 or 3 patchings before I buy new ones. Good Luck, Abu65

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    Spread out your net like abu65 said and get the tears lines up good.
    Start at the top or bottom and tie on 10lb mono.
    Use a pair of needle nose or something to draw your not good and tight.
    weave the tear back together and just tie off at the end, again, using plyers of some kind to get it real tight. Wet it just like you would when tieing a hook.

    For comprehensive cast net repairs including main lines, go to the BOC library for step by step instructions.

    The best way to keep a net for several years instead of just one is to repair your cast net immediately. It only takes a couple of minutes to repair a small rips but not repairing them will cause you to have huge rips in a hurry.
    Your lose more bait fish and you may well loose your net if you get those rips caught in a snag.

    Beleive me, quick repairs will in the end cost less time and a lot less money.
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    They make a special needle for doing it but it is not required unless your repairing a large rip. These guys have given you some good advice I will tell you not to make the knots too tight as it will change the hang of the net and the spred as well on the larger nets 7 foot and up it is not that bad.