casting nets - what type and size casting nets do you like the best?

Discussion in 'Castnet(s)' started by Steven Armstrong, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Steven Armstrong

    Steven Armstrong New Member

    what type and size casting nets do you like the best? we bought a 6 ft. nylon from academy sports , we don`t like it. we been told mono nets work better, what do you think?
  2. SkiMax

    SkiMax Well-Known Member

    Rising Sun, IN
    I use a 10 foot mono. JUst be careful, the law here is 9 feet, but I had to choose between a 5 and 10 footer (all the place had) and I figured if a CO wanted to measure my net for the extra foot, i would take the ticket :smile2:

  3. catfishscotty

    catfishscotty Well-Known Member

    i like mono better i would say as big as u can throw i use a 7 ft to 10 ft . the amount of led per foot shallow water less weight is needed but if the shad are 20 ft deep and deeper u need like 1.5 lbs per foot or better so the net sinks faster and wont close as fast while it sinks. for really deep water u will even need to add rope to ur net to reach them . give steve brown a call at ( catfish safari .com ) he has nets to chose from to meet ur needs.
  4. olddriller

    olddriller New Member

    Hey Skimax,
    As I have stated on here before you need to stretch out you net in a tight circle at home on your drive way or some flat area. and measure the diameter yourself, many of thease nets are not as big as they are telling you they are. In all of the tying up etc. they shrinck up some . Most I have measured came up short. Paul
  5. tnkatman

    tnkatman New Member

    Bluff City, TN
    I have a 6 ft mono that I like.
  6. bigcatmaniac

    bigcatmaniac New Member

    California Miss
    I personally have both and still use both, i like mono because is it lighter, i can throw it farther and more accurately and even faster than a nylon net. I have also used nets from as small as 3.5' radius to some as big as 15' radius. it all depends on the size of the bait, where you are throwing, what is in the water(structure wise) and just exactly how much bait you want.

    I like to use a nylon net if i am trying to get smaller shad or other bait such as creek chubs, a nylon net is easier on the fish, and it will not cut into the fish as a monofilament net does. I have seen bait fish actually cut in half with a mono net just because the current was a little fast where i was throwing.

    Now if i am trying to get big shad in deep water, i usually use a BIG mono net with a homemade rope extension that lets the net sink more and stay open deeper. I also use this net when i am trying to catch fish out of ponds that we are dredging out so we can use them to restock after we are done dredging.

    I ALWAYS depend on my electronics to help me when i am throwing in a river or lake. You want to know exactly where all the stumps, rocks, tree, and other debri is when you are using a throw net. If you get caught on something underwater you have most likely just ruin a good net. I have gone through SOOOO many nets that i am almost on a first name basis with the people at Betts (the place were i get my nets)(but always looking for new dealers). you want to watch the water before you throw your net, if you do, you will get to noticing that you can almost see where the bait is, either seeing it yourself or seeing the infamous V shape they make with there dorsal fin while swimming close to the surface.

    Just some advice that i thought i would share with you on using a cast net aka throw net.

    P.S. Let me know what kind of net you get and how big, and also let us know how you do with your new net.
  7. Big Dav

    Big Dav New Member

    I use a 6ft mono net and like it pretty good. Plus it is not very expensive and relatively easy to repair. I have thought about buying a nicer net, possibly bigger but this one seems to do all I need at this point.

  8. Big Sam

    Big Sam Well-Known Member

    Booneville AR
    I got 5ft 6ft...etc nylons'. Hang that dude up from the ring over night and let it stretch out it will work much better. I have 2 nails about 1 1/2 inches apart on the eve of my car-port. , put the top ring between them and bend them toward each other so it doesn't fall. Now johnny on the other hand has a 10ft and 12ft cast nets:eek:oooh: n Those buggers will wear a guy's shoulder out pretty quick, especially when the shad are hard to get:eek:oooh::tounge_out:
  9. crazy

    crazy New Member

    Kansas CIty, MO
    I like a 8ft mono net. As far as weight I buy 1 pound per foot with 1 inch mesh in it. Although there are times when I wish I had a net with 5/8 mesh. I just might have to give Steve a call at to get one. Bottom line the bigger the net the better odds you have at getting bait.
  10. Grumper

    Grumper New Member

    Crystal City MO
    I will only buy mono nets with 1lb of lead per foot radious. They are alot easier to fix than nylon nets. I typically use anywhere from a 5 ft to 8ft net. I'll probably stick with the smaller net this year. We got stopped by the Illinios game warden while on the Mississippi River this year, and apparently it is illegal to use a cast net bigger than a 5ft radious on the Illinois side of the river. He did let us go without giving us a ticket. That's about a stupid law if you ask me.:crazy:
  11. kat in the hat

    kat in the hat Well-Known Member

    Is it just my imagination, or is it easier to get the baitfish out of the mono nets? I've had both...ruined them both on my last trip out :angry:, but it seems that the fish would get hung up by their fins and gills alot worse in the nylon net than the mono net. Also, I agree that repairs are easier on the mono. I guess both have their application, but for me it's a 9' mono castnet. My smaller one was the nylon one. I was easier to throw, but that's about all.
  12. SubnetZero

    SubnetZero Active Member

    Sherman IL
    I like mono better. Nylon does not seem to stay as soft as long. They also seem to unsnag just a tad easier.

    To soften them up, let them sit in a bucket with water and Fabric softener overnite, then spread it out and let it dry....

    Also, if your throwing in a snag pron area, don't let it sink to much before pulling it back in.. You'll catch less bait each throw, but you'll keep your net:wink:

    There is some really good info in the Library on castnets too btw...
  13. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    i like nylon nets, they have always lasted longer for me.
  14. poisonpits

    poisonpits Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    i have mono is a 5 footer and my nylon is a 3 footer.iuse my hylon in the creeks and rivers for catching longer and skinier baits like chubs,hornyheads and potguts.
  15. vlparrish

    vlparrish New Member

    Bedford, Kentucky
    I like the 5 foot Radius super spreader castnets from Walmart. They are a mono net and have a good weight to them. The only drawback is the aluminum casting ring. It makes the net hard to throw and keeps it from sinking properly. When I buy one the first thing I do is cut the little twine rope that holds the ring careful to cut just the twine and not the net or you'll make a hole. Then I throw the ring out and the net is ready for use. Vern
  16. gbigskin

    gbigskin New Member

    to catch bait on kerr lake where i assume you are fishing with the current water temp, go to the deep (40ft +)water just south of the landing at applegate and the channel marker at the point. use sonar to pinpoint the shad. add extra line and extra weight as you will have to go 30'+. a nylon with larger mesh and larger radius will work better than your current net but i would try these suggestions before i spent 70+ $'s on a net that for sure will catch wintertime shad in deep water. i was catching all i wanted a few days ago with a 5' mono with 12oz extra weight and extra hand line that i got at wally world. good luck. hope this info helps.
  17. DHR

    DHR New Member

    yep...........i love those walmart nets....good and cheap so when you catch something other than bait you can just go buy a new one, especially if you get shad below the dam very often---rock city.

    i also add weights to mine in the winter time, and i save all my ropes and weights from old nets.........use the weights to make fishing weights and the old ropes to add to my current net---for winter.

    thought about getting a larger net than 5' though!
  18. dex

    dex Member

    I own both mono and nylon I have to say I like the throwabiliity of the mono compared to nylon
  19. CharlieV

    CharlieV New Member

    Kirksville, MO
    i like the mono net i have now, just got it at wal mart a while ago, they were on sale and now that i've used it a couple times it seems to work at least as well as some of the more expensive ones i've used in the past. . .
  20. ronlyn239

    ronlyn239 New Member

    I have mono and nylon in 5', and an 8' Betts mono. I use the Betts on the boat, and the smaller ones from shore. Nylon does entangle the fish fins more, but as in a previous post, damages them less. Mono seems to be easier to throw.