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Casting net surprises

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One thing that I find fascinating is when my husband cast his net for bait, is the different fish that get caught in it. I have seen everything from shad, small catfish, carp, garr and recently a small spoonbill. Every time he throws I anxiously await to see what he catches. Saturday when we went night fishing we set out to catch some bait and as he pulled in the net I saw a very small perch about one inch in length. Then a second one was caught and then this thing I am not sure what it was but it was very long and strangely colored. Each time we go out to fishing I love to see what gets caught in the net. Some times I think the only reason I go fishing is to see what he will catch next in the casting net. And by the way the strange fish that was caught in the net hooked me my largest catfish ever. Not as large as the ones I've seen on this site butit was my biggest.
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I love using my casting net. You just never know what you will bring up. BTW Welcome to the BOC!!! If you need anything let me know.
I caugh 2 cotton mouths in my net once. was not sure if there was room in the boat for us all...LOL
welcome to the boc. just this past saturday i caught a 12" channel and a 3" crappie in mine. a few weeks back i got a walleye about 3" long. caught a 7# carp at the gathering. ya just never know. anyone ever get a turtle. thats one thing ive never caught in one.
I just got my first cast net last summer and haven't figured out how to make it work right yet. It just seems to get tangled up on itself and ball up when i throw it out. The user's manual that it came with is about worthless. Anybody have any tips for how to throw it right?

this past spring i was catching bait at chickamauga. i caught the biggest crappie i have ever caught the next cast i caught one even bigger. i cpr'd both but had i known i was going to catch the second i would have had fresh crappie for dinner. last summer i was catching bait from a dock i kept seeing lots of shad scatter around the next dock. i walked down and cast my net and got a 3# ba$$.
I am pretty new with a cast net. I bought one a while back and my 8 year old caught on so good that I just let him catch all my bait. I am not sure if I could get it away from him anyway, lol. He does really great with it. I practiced in the yard and thought I had it down until I got out to the lake where about all I did was look foolish, lol. I did get one good throw in and caught a pretty nice sized rock. I was surprised that it actually "caught" the rock so that I could pull it in. I now know that they work very well, but for the moment I will stick to fishing and let my son run the net, lol.
Astu, look under"Informative member articles" theres several ways in there to help ya out.(including one with pics from em)
I've caught a few small turtles and once, I got a boys bicycle frame. Tore the net up pretty good too.
Last time I was with a bud getting bait he brought up a complete bike ready to ride with a little use of oil. Didn't tear his net either. Same trip he got about an 18" lg mouth. I never get anything interesting.
Used mine at a local dam this past weekend. Caught a 1lb 2 ounce bluegill several small Smallmouth and a 13 inch shad. Also caught a couple small crappie and many smaller bluegills.
On my fishing trip last week I took the net figuring to get some more practice in with it and maybe stock my bucket with bait for the night like a good fisherman and I came out better than my first trip out with it:

1 large brown ladies hairclip
1 bass minnow
1 big rock (add that to the one I got the first time out and it makes 2)

lol, I ended up pulling out the flyrod and catching my bait that way. I did get alot of practice though as my arms started to tire after a while. I think I just wasn't in a good spot and maybe I should have thrown out some chum or something first.
try throwing in saltwater than you really never know what ur gonna catch! ive caught many fish that i could never really identified and once i even caught a flordia permit which is very rare up in delaware where i was fishing, i also casted on top of a huge string ray that i didnt see that was hidding in the sand. now try bringing in a 30 lbs angry string ray! that was a fight. ive caught alot of little intresting fish to like blowfish and other small fish that you dont caqtch to often. just gotta make sure your not keeping any illegal or small gamefish for bait.
willisjj thats cool your son can use one that is handy for both him
and you, but it takes a couple differant ways and you'll find one that is comfortable to you and you'll be able to cast with ease.
Kutter here on the board showed me how at catstock gathering on his boat and now i can cast a decent circle every time.

he also told me that you gotta time it to not land on the bottom as you might tear the net up on snags and underwater junk.

couple weekends ago i didnt get hardly any shad but managed to net 2 LM BASS
and some small gills and crappie.
Thanks for the tips Darryl. I will keep at it and have it in no time. I was wondering when I should pull it. I guess I was waiting too long which is how I keep ending up with those big rocks, lol.
I just used a cast net for the first time and was wondering what net was worthy of buying.I found a web page with several different nets and prices up to 200.00.My cousin said he bought his at wal-mart for 20.00 bucks i think he said.Probably use it only for shad what size would you recommend.I used it couple of times and got nothing then on third cast i caught over 100 small sized shad.Must been beginners luck!!This page also has some step by step instructions which might help to start practicing soon as i get one thats for sure.Thanks for help in this matter
I just started throwing in June and have destroyed 3 so far this summer. There were some cheap 8' on Ebay a while back. Think I gave 20 bucks for them, bought 2 cause I'll tear one up pretty quick. Guess my point is if you're throwing a lot, you might as well buy a cheap one so it's not a big loss when it catches that sunken oak tree or giant boulder......
Thanks Branden For Your advice.I was thinking about a 6 or 8 footer.And with my luck id probably buy an expensive one and tear it up on my first cast.a A 20.00 one seems more logical in the beginning.
I would get a 3 footer to throw for the first time they are alot easier to throw the bigger the net the harder it is to throw
I've caught thousands of shad, walleye and recently I caught a pretty nice spoonbill. I've caught a couple soft shell turtles as well.
One thing you definitely want to do when learning to throw is to practice some place where you won't hang up your net. Two good places are your yard (freshly mowed and raked) or a concrete launching ramp. Don't be surprised if you catch a few small bream while practicing at the ramp.
I wouldn't use anything smaller than a 4' net; it's just too easy for bream or shad to run out from under a small net.
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