casting from shore to drop offs?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by photocat, Aug 15, 2006.

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    HOCO, Maryland
    Ok so i don't have my boat fully functional... but my surf rods are... and there's a really good drop off maybe 50 yards from shore... i can cast way out to it and i got a good hit last time i fished it (probably a 10 or 15 lber maybe more but idk got hung up on the drop off and lost him)... is there any way i can fish that and not lose fish everytime i'm down there? i had my rigs hang up 4 times and then i just gave up and went back to talk with a guy at the marina... Please help.

    if it matters any i was using a carolina rig 2 oz sinker (no roll), with a 3 or 4 ft leader and a bobber to help keep the bait off the bottom ending with a 6/0 gama circle hook... i had a 15ft surf rod and shakespeare Alpha reel on and 15lb BBG on (for castability as opposed to using 25 or 40 which can't cast as far).

    Should i go with a 3 way the same leader legnth and just use lighter line for the dropper? I would really like to be able to pull in the fish when i catch them...
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    If are sure about the distance from shore and the depth of the water I would try a slip float rig .This way you can get you bait floating just off the bottom and should stop the hang up problem.JMO but I would give it a try,nothing to lose and tackle to save.

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    Try a Kat Bobber. I use them to drift to the structure I can't reach or don't want to snag.

    Kat Bobbers are from Maine-Wolf Marine a BOC sponser.
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    Photo cat, I would go with the three way rig fixed just like you said, with a lighter sinker drop. I would use as light a dropper on the sinker that will allow you to throw the distance. The three way should allow you to get the fish out once the sinker drops off, cause the hook shouldn't hang if it is in the fishes mouth. You still might lose a few rigs if you have to bring them in without a fish though. But that is why it is called terminal tackle. Vern

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    I think i'm gonna try to make one of those bobbers Jeff. Looks pretty easy. I may even upgrade the glow stick 'deal'.

    Cool stuff!
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    I would use a Katbobber with a lighter drop. that way you can present a much larger area and when the bobber drifts in to where the sinker hits bottom even if it snags you will only lose the sinker. The only modification would be toput the dropper and sinker below the hook.

    Good Luck,