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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Muleskinner, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Muleskinner

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    I seen that Charles was saying something about cast netting in a river for bait. I read that on a chicken liver thread. But I do know how to throw the cast net and all. I learned from some of my cajun friends way down on the bayou cast netting for shrimp. That is a lot of fun. But what i would like to know about cast netting for bait. Is do you have pretty good luck with that? Do you have places along the river bank that you find will normally hold more baitfish than others? Are do you normally just walk along and just keep casting anywhere and everywhere?
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    It is a hit and miss proposition. They bait is here today, gone tomorrow. SO, there is some hunting involved also. LOL

  3. laidbck111

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    If your lucky you will notice the seasonal patterns of where the baitfish are likely to be and when. Some places hold baitfish (shad) nearly year round. But for the most part it is hit and misss until you learn the patterns.
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    i catch my shad that way every time i go out, only bait i use. the guys are right, untill u learn where there hang outs are, its a guessing game,, but once you do it enough you'll learn
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    Hit or miss. Find a dock/pier (especially at night if it has lights), shad seem to congregate around those and up your odds of getting some.
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    We when fishing on Lake Sam Rayburn go to the boat dock the night before and catch shad with a castnet. it is amazing the types of fish you will catch. we caught a 3 pound bass on accident when fishing there. i guess that he was after the shad. we have also caught baby catfish and small bream. we have even caught a fish that i am not sure what it was. It wes a bottom feeder and looked like a massive version of the dark sucker fish you see in fish tanks. he was about 8 pounds and really messed up our net. LOL so if possible stay away from the bigger fish with the cast nets. He was unharmed and all of the fish we catch besides minnows bream and shad we throw back for another day. we put the shad on ice and the hearier fish in water with a bubbler. I have fished the Red River and that is a different story. Everywhere we threw from the boat no matter if it were in the middle of the river or close to the back we would catch tons of shad. We were fishing in about 15 feet of water on the front of the boat and when we ran out we would go to the back of the boat with a cast net and catch atleast 20 every cast. i love that place. that was also in the middle of the summer.