Cast netting deep shad?

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by shellerflat, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. shellerflat

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    north carolina
    I have been seeing large amounts of bait on my sonar everytime that I go fishing but I have never brought up anything with my cast net. The bait is always sitting in 10-15 foot of water and my cast net can never reach them. Any suggestions?
  2. dafin

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    I add more rope to my cast net and net shad as deep as 40 ft.

  3. bobs bait

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    i have caught shad in 50 ft water at nite with a light just let the net faal as far as possible also belive you could add more rope to go deeper i found the bigger bait is on the bottom
  4. Mr.T

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    For deeper water, you need a larger cast net with a larger mesh spacing and more weight. Small nets with small mesh and not much weight fall too slowly and/or collapse on themselves before they reach the bottom.

    For 10 to 15 ft of water, you should be able to get by with a 6 to 8 ft radius net, preferably 1/2" or 5/8" mesh if you can find it. If you're stuck with 3/8" mesh (as most retailers carry), look for a net with more weight - usually stated as "x lbs per foot", meaning x pounds of weight per radius foot (so an 8' radius, "1 lb per ft" net would have 8 lbs of weight around the perimeter).

    Also be sure you practice enough that your technique results in the widest possible spread when you throw the net - because by the time the net gets 10 or 20 ft down, it'll look more like a cone than a flat circle.

    I have to get my shad from 25 to 40 ft deep in the winter time around here. To do so, I use an 8 or 9 ft radius net, 5/8" mesh and at least 1 lb per foot, preferably 1.25. I also extend the rope by 10 to 20 ft.
  5. Arkansascatman777

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    Another trick we use in the winter (along with adding a second length of rope) when the shad are deep is to put duct tape around the bottom of the net between the sinkers. We use 8 ft. radius nets and the tape will make the net sink a little slower and keep it from closing up before it reaches bottom. In 15 ft. of water go to an 8 ft. net and you shouldn't have to do anything to it to reach the shad.